Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorial Day

Michel was so glad he made it home in time to go to Grandpa's house.

Daddy and Katelyn.

At this point all Ashlyn wanted to do was get out of those ice skates. Love her face.

Ashlyn is excited to go out (right then she was)

I know I am a little late but here goes. Michel had the awesome opportunity to go with our neighbor up to there cabin in Big bear CA. He left Thurs. after the last day of school and was gone until Monday. It was the longest he has been gone from us. It was certain that our family was not complete with out him. But I know the Willis' took good care of him because he didn't really miss us. He had so much fun we are so appreciative to our awesome neighbors for inviting him and treating him like he was part of the family. Well while Michel was out having fun we couldn't let the other kids be bored. We decided to take Katelyn and Ashlyn ice skating over at Polar Ice. Katelyn has been begging us to take her I think she thought it would be really easy. She learned real fast that it wasn't as easy as it looks. It took her a few tries and after awhile she was able to do it pretty good. Ashlyn on the other hand took some more convincing. Daddy had to pretty much drag her around the rink and that was enough for her. So me, Ashlyn and Tyler just sat in the player box and watched Daddy and Katelyn whirl past us. It was fun. After making it our of Polar Ice in one piece we went to Grandma and Grandpa Lines for dinner and had a BBQ. Grandpa got the quads out and of course that is always a big hit. It was a fun day and always good to have daddy home.

Katelyn and her new hobby!

Shayne and Katelyn with thier ribbons.

Katelyn so excited she got second. I thought she got first-it was that close.

Katelyn getting ready!

Katelyn warming up with the Parry Paranahs.

This year we decided to have Katelyn try swim team over at Parry pool. She diligently wakes up at 6:45 am to make sure she is ready to leave the house at 7:40 am. She attends practice Monday thru Thursday for 40 mins. each time. Every week they learn a new stroke. So far they have conquered the backstroke and freestyle. They practice the assigned stroke for that week and then they are able to participate in a swim on Thursday nights. This last week we had our first meet, Katelyn competed in the 25 meter backstroke and the 25 meter freestyle. She was pretty nervous but she did great. Katelyn got 5th place in the backstroke (she was pretty bummed) and 2nd place in the freestyle. We are proud of her she has turned into a little fish this summer and she is enjoying every minute of it! She loves the fact that she does all this with her good friend Shayne (I do too, it helps with the carpool!). Good job Katelyn!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter take 2

Daddy and Ashlyn

Michel and Tyler. Again Tyler was not interested in finding the eggs.

Our pretty Katelyn!

Grandpa and Tyler.

Easter Morning as the kids waited to look for the eggs. Of course Tyler was only wanting the candy.

Well this is the second post for our Easter. On Easter morning the kids woke up to eggs scattered thru out the house and outside in the backyard. This year we decided to put our money in the eggs instead of buying as much candy. I think Katelyn and Michel got about $12 each not bad if I do say so. Enjoy the pictures!

Easter 2010

This is where we would find Tyler always climbing on something!

Grandpa and Ashlyn

Michel and all his eggs.

Great Grandma Lines and Katelyn

Cousin Krista and Ashlyn.

Ya I know we are really behind but better late then never right? We had a great Easter. It first started out with a party at Great Grandma Lines' house. Thanks Patti for organizing that! The kids colored eggs then had a Easter egg hunt. Fun! The kids look forward to it every year.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Continued again.... Ok last one

I Love this picture of my Big Boy. Todd he misses having races with you at Grandma's house. By the time you guys get back he may just beat you!
Tyler on the swing- Of course he has to fight Ashlyn for his turn on the swing.

Halloween Night. Daddy just got home from his hunt that day.

All the kids Halloween Night.

- Michel started baseball this past fall. He is in boys 7-9 coach pitch. He loves it.