Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorial Day

Michel was so glad he made it home in time to go to Grandpa's house.

Daddy and Katelyn.

At this point all Ashlyn wanted to do was get out of those ice skates. Love her face.

Ashlyn is excited to go out (right then she was)

I know I am a little late but here goes. Michel had the awesome opportunity to go with our neighbor up to there cabin in Big bear CA. He left Thurs. after the last day of school and was gone until Monday. It was the longest he has been gone from us. It was certain that our family was not complete with out him. But I know the Willis' took good care of him because he didn't really miss us. He had so much fun we are so appreciative to our awesome neighbors for inviting him and treating him like he was part of the family. Well while Michel was out having fun we couldn't let the other kids be bored. We decided to take Katelyn and Ashlyn ice skating over at Polar Ice. Katelyn has been begging us to take her I think she thought it would be really easy. She learned real fast that it wasn't as easy as it looks. It took her a few tries and after awhile she was able to do it pretty good. Ashlyn on the other hand took some more convincing. Daddy had to pretty much drag her around the rink and that was enough for her. So me, Ashlyn and Tyler just sat in the player box and watched Daddy and Katelyn whirl past us. It was fun. After making it our of Polar Ice in one piece we went to Grandma and Grandpa Lines for dinner and had a BBQ. Grandpa got the quads out and of course that is always a big hit. It was a fun day and always good to have daddy home.

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bekki said...

Hey Girl Grandma's birthday is Thursday we are having a party for her with dessert only from 7-8. so come and bring a dessert if you want or just come and chit chat with everyone.